18 September 2010


34. A Second Job
“We are running out of money,” Dad said. “I must find another job.” Mom was a teacher. Dad was a teacher. They had four children. The baby had a rare disease. She was always sick. They had to take her to the doctor often. The doctor was expensive. But he took good care of the baby. He said she would be healthy in a few years. But Dad owed the doctor a lot of money. He looked in the paper for another job. He asked his friends about another job. Finally he found another job. He became a taxi driver. After he taught school, he ate dinner. Then he went to the taxi company. He drove the taxi to the airport. He picked up people at the airport. He dropped off people at the airport. Some people gave him big tips. Some people gave him small tips. Some people gave him no tips. He drove the taxi for eight hours. Then he went home. He was tired. He went straight to sleep. Every night he had a dream. Every night it was the same dream. Every night he dreamed about money. Every night the money was on fire.

33.She Wants to Ride
The girl got up on the horse. It was a brown and white horse. It was a big horse. She sat on the horse’s back. She was taller than her father. She looked down at her father. “Daddy, you are shorter than me,” she said. Her daddy said, “Yes, you are taller than me. You are taller than your mother. You are taller than the horse.” The horse started walking around in a circle. The girl held onto the reins. Her daddy held onto the horse. She was having fun. She liked to ride the horse in a circle. Someday she would ride the horse fast. Someday she would ride it straight and far and fast. Her daddy told her to be patient. “You must crawl before you walk. You must walk before you run. First, ride a slow horse. Then, ride a fast horse. ” She agreed with her daddy. “You are right, daddy, “she said. “I will be patient. Today I am riding a slow horse. But someday I will ride a fast horse. I will ride my fast horse all day, every day.”

26.Brown and Blue Eyes
She had big brown eyes. Her sister had big blue eyes. Her brother had big green eyes. Her mother had a gray eye and a green eye. Her father had black eyes. “Why are our eyes different?” she asked her mom. “Who knows?” said her mom. “Life is strange. It is full of mystery. This is a mystery to all of us.” She asked her teacher. She asked the doctor. She asked the nurse. She asked the mailman. Nobody knew why her family had different color eyes. Finally she asked the librarian. A librarian reads a lot. A librarian works in the library. A librarian is surrounded by books. Books have information. Lots of information. The librarian looked in all her books. She called other librarians. They looked in all their books. Still, nobody knew the answer. “I’m sorry, little girl,” the librarian said. “Maybe someone will invent a computer someday. Then I will give you an answer. But for now, your big brown eyes and your sister’s big blue eyes are a big mystery.”

22.Just a Cough
The TV reporter coughed. Then she coughed again. The other TV reporter was worried. “Are you okay?” he asked. She couldn’t answer. She continued to cough. She coughed and coughed. The other reporter dialed 911. “What is the emergency?” the 911 person asked. “I think my friend is dying,” said the reporter. “What is your address?” asked the 911 person. “We are at 123 West Hill Street,” said the reporter. “Someone will be right there,” said the 911 person. But then the woman stopped coughing. She said she was fine. She said thanks to the other reporter. He said, “You’re welcome.” He called 911 again. He said the emergency was over. He said his friend was okay. She would not die. She was going to live. The 911 person was glad to hear that.

25.At the Bus Stop
He looked at his watch. It was time for the bus. Where was the bus? He was at the bus stop. He stood up. He looked down the street. No bus. He looked up the street. No bus. Where in the world was the bus? It was time for the bus to arrive. He sat down on the bench. It was getting cold. The wind was blowing. He didn’t have a jacket. He was wearing shorts. He was wearing flip-flops. His head was cold. His arms were cold. His legs were cold. His feet were cold. His toes were cold. His toes were turning blue. Where was the bus? He stood up again. He looked down the street. He saw the bus! It was coming. In a minute he would be on the warm bus. In a minute his nose would be warm. His hands would be warm. His whole body would be warm. How nice! The bus arrived. But it didn’t stop. It kept going. It was the wrong bus. He looked at his watch again. Where was the bus?

18.Corn For People and Animals
The farmer drives a tractor. The tractor digs up the ground. He plants yellow corn in the ground. He plants the yellow corn in the spring. The corn grows in the summer. The rain helps the corn grow. If there is no rain, the corn dies. If there is a lot of rain, there is a lot of corn. He harvests the yellow corn in late summer. He sells the corn at his vegetable stand. He sells one ear for 25 cents. He sells four ears for $1. He sells all his corn in just one month. The neighbors love his corn. The corn is fresh. It is bright yellow. It is tasty. It is delicious. The birds love his corn, too. They don’t pay for it. They eat it while it is in the field. They don’t cook it. They eat it raw. The farmer doesn’t get angry. Birds have to eat, too. So do cows. The farmer has one cow. He gives his cow fresh corn every summer. The cow loves the corn. It eats a lot of yellow corn in the summer. Sometimes it makes yellow milk.

17.Tell The Truth
She was angry. She was angry at her husband. He lied to her. He lied many times. She was tired of his lies. She said enough was enough. She took off her ring. She dropped it into the toilet. She flushed the toilet. She got into her car. She got on the freeway. She drove the car fast. She was crying. She was very sad. She drove the car faster. She passed many cars. The speed limit was 60 mph. She was going 80 mph. A cop saw her. The cop chased her. The cop turned on his red light. He turned on his siren. She heard the cop car. She saw the flashing light. She drove faster. Now she was going 90 mph. The cop drove faster. It started to rain. She didn’t slow down. She lost control. The car rolled over. It rolled over and over. She died before it came to a stop.

04 July 2010

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